"Sound of Soul" Album Release, Feb 16, 2019
@ Guilt and Co., Vancouver, B.C.
Dino DiNicolo’s 5th solo album “Sound Of Soul” will be released February 16, 2019 at Guilt and Co. in Vancouver B.C. His 7 piece band will hit the stage at 9:30pm with an evening of original RnB, Soul and Funk, peppered by World music flavours.
DiNicolo’s solo project originally started as just that - with only his bass and voice - but this evening's performance will bring some of Vancouver’s top musicians to drive his groove train. Dino will be leading the band with Adam Cormier on drums, Kelly Brown on guitar, Graham Howell on Saxophone, Terry Keller on trumpet, Dorothy Godlinski and Jen Timms on background vocals. The whole evening will be captured for posterity by Victor Solo and Alex Kolosov.
Album Release Party for "Sound of Soul"
@ Guilt and Co. February 16, 2019
It’s been 2 years in the making and the album "Sound of Soul” is complete. We started recording in October 2016 with Crispin Hands at the helm in Lionshead Entertainment. The release party will be held on February 16, 2019 at Guilt and Co. in Vancouver, B.C.
Performing for Allstate
Opening for Santana May 31, 2018
What a wonderful opportunity our jazz band Uno Mas was given. It started out as a high profile corporate show for Allstate Insurance. We were given the budget to bring in David Say on Sax and Max Zipursky on keys. We new we were in good hands. Then a day before the show we were told the headliner was going to be Santana and were asked to keep it hush hush as that was the big surprise for the night. Hence, we were not able to tell anyone about this show before it happened. It’s now happened and we can talk. SANTANA!!! What sweet soul. He took the time to chat with us a bit back stage about Coltrane and “being the light”. It doesn’t seem obvious at the moment, but part of the reason we were given that opportunity is because you the music fan has been coming out to our shows and giving the support that you have. Thank you for that. Thank you as well to Siegel Entertainment, Allstate Insurance, Santana for his words of wisdom, and Santana’s band for grooving so heavy they moved tectonic plates on stage.
Acting on a TV show
It's official, I can now talk about it, a little. I recently had the opportunity and pleasure of working on Supernatural as an actor. I will show up in the 15th episode in the 13th season called "A Most Holy Man". I'm not at liberty to discuss the details of the episode so there's no spoiler alert here. Thank you Supernatural. .
Studio Time, Laying it down
... the 5th CD
Studio time has begun for the 5th solo CD. I'm not one to put a time line on recording. I will say this though, I'm working hard with Crispin Hands engineering it all, and a few other very talented people. I'm a lucky man to be in a position to do what I love with people I love. I wish the same for everyone out there. Dirty grooves, big pocket and feeling every moment... let the music continue.
Cool Music Moment
Opening the night for Mick Fleetwood Blues Band
I had the experience of opening an evening for the Mick Fleetwood Blues band last weekend on October 02, 2016. In the greater scheme of things, it's not really a big deal. In the smaller scheme of things, it's pretty cool. Mick and the boys were great, and nice to chat with. Thank you to Fleetwood managment for having me out, thank you to Matt at Ghost Productions for booking me, and thank you to Rebecca Salit for finding the oportunity.
New Music from The Dino Vaults
... the 5th CD
New songs are being born, grooves are being cooked up, the writing process is in full swing. Preproduction on the 5th solo CD has begun.
Thank you for your support
During my time of healing
Some may know, some may not, I broke my thumb (among some other scratches and bruises) early September. I had a motorcycle accident. I don't intend to go into details or explanations or even add photos here. I do simply want to say thank you to all of you who have given support and love. I appreciate that very much. I'll gladly tell the story to anyone who asks in person.
The pins are out, my hand is a bit stiff and scars remain on my hand and various other parts of my body. I intend to get back to playing live again in November. Even if it hurts. I gotta groove.
CD #4 Stamp of Approval
Off To Duplication
It's being made, duplicated, burned and printed. Funny thing, these prior words are almost antiquated, and yet they're still happening. There will be an album release party to come May 29, 2014 at Heaven's Door in Vancouver for the 4th CD "Skin and Boones" with many guests on stage. I'm excited, have that vibrating feeling when I think about it. It's as if I've drank a whole pot of espresso, the kind of pot you brew on your stove in one of those sexy Italian coffee maker thingies.
CD #4 Progress
Mixing is done...
After a year of recording and mixing with Crispin Hands (and some special guest performances), that stage of the CD creation is done all has been captured with much love and vibe, and mixed just right. I'm chomping at the bit to release these songs, but there's a couple of other things that still need to come together. Travis Nelson is right in the middle of doing all the artwork, and we're still working out the mastering part of the tracks.
I realize that most of the world works with time and schedules, but being that I'm still an independent artist, I'm allowed the freedom of letting time be fluid and not quantifiable. As frustrating as that is for those of us who want to know exactly when something is going to happen, this freedom of time for creation has birthed some new recordings over the last year that I'm proud to be part of. So yeah, this means I'm not quite sure when it will all be done, but I'm aiming to have it all together by spring 2014.
CD #4
The Year of ch ch ch changes...
It's been quite a year for myself, and from what I hear all around me, quite a year for everyone. I've had family stuff (everyone's ok), personal stuff (first world problems I'm ok) and music stuff. In staying true to the pertinent subject at hand, the focus of this verbal blip, lets reveal a bit about the next CD.
I've spent the better part of each weekend this past year working on the recording for the next CD with Crispin Hands as the engineer at Lions Head Productions. With some new production ideas, new grooves and a few additional guest musicians, I'm excited to release these songs. Yes it rings true as a solo album, yes there's some new fresh and dirty bass grooves, but this time I had some friends join me here and there to add some spice to the songs.
We're in the final stages of creation. Being that I'm my own record company, I've not set a concrete date for release as of yet. At this point in time, I'm aiming for the CD to be released by Spring this year of 2014. I'll keep you in the loop.
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We've figured out what happened to the site, and we're picking up the pieces. It's like we moved the site from one neighbourhood to another and the moving company lost a few things during the move. Rest assured that Dino is still recording the 4th solo CD, and he's still performing as per usual. Thanks for all the support.
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Other ways to contact Dino
Sometimes things just go wrong, but we want to keep in touch.
In the interim, there are a couple of different options to find out where Dino is performing next.
1 - find him on facebook under Dino DiNicolo and connect as friends, and he'll send you personal invitations to shows that are in your area.
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